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The Mama Mare Breast Cancer Foundation Fund was started by Krista Kasper in February of 2010 just two months after she lost her beloved mom, Mary Ellen Pernice, also known to many as, Mama Mare, to stage iv breast cancer.

To those that knew her, Mary Ellen was known as a “saint.”  She ALWAYS had a smile on her face, had no enemies and was optimistic about EVERYTHING!  We used to joke that she lived in a bubble because nothing ever ruffled her feathers but her reply to that was, “and in my bubble I’ll stay—I’m happy in my bubble.”

Even through three battles with breast cancer over a 10 year time period, not one person ever heard a complaint out of her mouth or an ounce of sorrow.  She carried on with her life as she always did ensuring her family and home were taken care of.  She never skipped a beat.  Her positive attitude was an inspiration to everyone in her life.  The courage and dignity she possessed up until the day she died is something that only few are blessed with.

Mama Mare was full of love, laughter and strength and we hope to capture her spirit through this foundation by helping others as she always did in her short 51 years on this Earth.