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The Mama Mare Breast Cancer Foundation is dedicated to creating a future where no one is touched by breast cancer.  Not you, your mother, your sister or your best friend.  Strangely enough, our goal is to be obsolete, which means living in a world where breast cancer doesn’t exist and its effects are felt by no one.

by all the means you can . . .

We’re working closely with Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital (RWJUH) in New Brunswick, NJ as well as Dr. David Vesely who is conducting important biomedical cancer research through his discovery of three heart hormones produced by the human body that can aid in eliminating cancer cells. Through our Heal-the-Hooters Dance-A-Thon and ongoing fundraising we plan to fund the advancement of Dr. Vesely’s research, implement programs within RWJUH to provide support and assistance to breast cancer patients and their families and work on short-term projects that will have a lasting impact within the world of breast cancer. 

in all the ways you can . . .  

We have decided to name a room after Mary Ellen Pernice on 4 North at RWJUH which is one of their oncology floors.  Not only is this a naming opportunity but our support will enable them to makeover the space to be a serene area for patients and their families, a resource center complete with computers for easy access research and finally, a boutique to provide wigs, turbans, prosthesis and other items needed by cancer patients.

in all the places you can . . .  

We are donating a library of Apple iPads for patient use that will be housed in the Mama Mare Breast Cancer Foundation Healing and Education Center. With this in hand, patients and their families will be able to look up patient and hospital information, access various educational resources and keep in touch with family and friends. iPads will be able to be signed out of this space for use in the privacy and convenience of individual patient rooms.

to all the people you can . . .  

The programs we would like to create for patients and their families is to provide post-surgery at home meals, housecleaning, child care as well as to assist with costs endured by long-term hospital stays such as parking, TV and lodging for long-distance family members.  We also look forward to providing stage IV breast cancer patients with dream vacations.

as long as you ever can.”

- John Wesley

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