My Happy Place

My Happy Place

Besides the grueling treatments, people forget that reminders of the cancer are everywhere. The appointments on the calendar, the scan films on the counter, the phone calls from nurses and insurance companies. My Happy Place, a program of The Mama Mare Breast Cancer Foundation, offers breast cancer patients the opportunity to escape the world of cancer and enjoy a real break.

We cannot take their cancer away, but we can take a world of pain and despair and give it light and hope. A way to say "We know you've been through hell. You deserve a piece of heaven."

My Happy Place was founded by Lauren Pennock, a breast cancer survivor who was fortunate enough to take a dream trip to Hawaii after completing treatment. While sitting poolside on this vacation Lauren thought "I wish everyone in that chemo room had a trip like this to look forward to".

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Meet our My Happy Place dream vacation recipients!

"When you get diagnosed with cancer, one of the things that I learned is that you definitely do not go through it and friends go through all the pain right along side of you....but what I didn't expect to come along with cancer were all of the new and amazing friendships I've made....there is definitely a sisterhood and lifelong bonds that come along with it.... The love and generosity that I received throughout my battle is indescribable. Krista Kasper, Mama Mare Breast Cancer Foundation and Team Jilly Bean , truly pulled off a Christmas miracle! Thank you...from the bottom of my heart ...thank you ...for this amazing trip and for the presentation of children (and me) will always remember Santa along with elves and carolers coming to our house and delivering a trip to Disney World!!! Our trip was magical...the thought and planning that went into it from the special shirts to the memory maker was an experience like no other. After everything that I went through, words really can't describe the happiness this trip brought my family and I. Now I know what it feels like to be a Disney Princess <3 -Alison

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"Being able to spend such quality time with my family and be able to make such lifelong memories is something that I am forever grateful for." – Lisa

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"This trip gave my family back something we had missed for quite some! We spent 7 days on the Norwegian Breakaway and traveled to the Bahamas. We explored new things that we never imagined. Saw fish, tropical fish, swim right by us. We stayed up way past our bedtime almost every night, went to comedy shows, stepped foot onto a cruise ship for the first time for all of us, ate way too much food & desserts, snorkeled our hearts out, saw sting ray in the wild, watched the sun rise and set from our balcony...the list goes on and on. I am so grateful for My Happy Place giving my family a chance to enjoy life and see and do things we never imagined." – Megan

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